About Us

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We are a UK based company based in Congleton which is in the heart of Cheshire. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, High Quality Backlinks, Low Cost Affordable Web Design, Social Media Promotion mainly YouTube. We have vast experience in field of search engine optimization and we have been providing services for 3 years. Recently we Lauched our website to further expand our services. We have received a very positive response from our existing clients as well as new and potential clients. We are proud to deliver our services within the time frame provided.

Backlinks Service

We provide high quality backlinks services which are multi tiered. We do not provide single link service. All backlinks are created in a pyramid fashion around your URL. We write SEO friendly articles for various high PR blog sites and submit them manually as well as using complex algorithms.We sell this service as a package. Various packages are designed to suit your individual needs.

Each package is designed as a requirement for keywords. For example if your keywords are low competition keywords then you do not need to purchase high competition package. Basic package will be good enough to provide you good results.

But again if you buy Ultimate package then we will submit your website to more places which will result in more backlinks. But that choice is completely up to you.

In addition to backlinks we will also provide you promotion service for your social accounts which is free of charge. 

Web Design

Our affordable web design packages are tailored for individuals and small businesses. Whether you are a Social Media influencer or a small company or a company with only few products to sell then we have different packages which are cost effective but give you a strong internet presence.

All websites are designed using HTML5 which is fully responsive to various screen sizes. Your website will be as cool looking on a desktop as on a mobile. You do not need to worry about having to design a different website for mobile platforms.

The website can also be fully integrated into a mobile app if you decide to create an app for your company. It will be a great addition in your company's portfolio should you decide to do this. 

We also provide maintenance service for websites we develop. Should you require any changes in future you can contact us and we will quote you a very competitive offer.

Website Traffic

Our website traffic service is the most competitive service in the market. We will provide you white traffic from search engines and social websites through extensive marketing and social sharing. You will receive quality traffic which will be based on your keywords through search engines Google & Bing, Also we will get you targeted traffic from other social platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Quora and more.

We currently offer one month package which will get you 10000 hits in a month through search engines and social platforms. We know the importance of traffic to your website so we will make sure you get the best possible service.

Imagine receiving 10K hits to your site every month. This will boost your SERP and get you your desired results sooner than you expect.

SEO Reports

Our SEO reports are designed to provide you full insight of your website. It will not only check the entire structure but also provide you suggestions to improve your site. It will analyze your page header tags, meta tags, content, keywords density on page and headers. And what keywords are currently ranking you on search engines if they do.  It will also tell you what keywords search engines are picking up from your website. 

Gone are the days when search engines relied on meta tags. It does not mean that meta tags are not important. But search engines usually ignore them and mainly focus on what you are offering on your website.

Our crawler will crawl your website and check for potential issues and recommend solution for those particular issues. It will also analyze your backlinks and linking domains. We also provide seo analyzer tool free to have a quick checkup on your seo

YouTube promotion

We provide organic YouTube video and channel promotion service. We will create backlinks for your videos to increase its ranking in search engines including YouTube. Your video may go on top of search results in search engines with your keywords aka hash tags. For example if your channel is about essential oils then users looking for essential oils in Google will see your video on top of the result. This service will provide you real views and real subscribers unlike other services.